Winter Weather Back Again! Where’s Spring?

What a temperature tumble across NTX this morning. Along with the strong cold air advection we are dealing with winter precip. Here is a screen shot from earlier this morning of the CBS11 Live Doppler Radar.

SP Freezing Rain Radar

The Pink colored areas indicated freezing rain and the green just rain but as the morning progresses we will see coverage and intensity increase. Looking at the latest RAP or rapid refresh model and HRRR (High Resolution Rapid Refresh) there looks to be a few bands of heavier sleet developing later this morning near Parker county and then also into Rockwall, SE Dallas, Collin to Hunt to Fannin and Delta. This forecast is tricky because it isn’t a widespread band. Here is my latest thinking on the total amount of accumulation from this winter event.

Freezing Totals Today

Notice the higher amounts from central Hunt county, through Hopkins, Fannin and Lamar? This is where I expect a band of heavier sleet to thunder sleet to develop later today into the later afternoon hours.

But of course this all depends on the temperatures and by now if you have looked outside you can see the dramatic change in the weather. Here is the hour by hour forecast for temps and just know that this afternoon we will be near 60° colder than yesterday!


So the forecast for the Winter Weather Advisory hasn’t changed much since it was issued yesterday. Expect the Winter Weather Advisory to continue until 9PM tonight and the Winter Storm Warning for the higher icinig amounts to continue also until 9PM tonight.

Winter Weather Advisory

Winter Storm Warning

The following slides show the NTX futurecast on the amount of coverage expected through the remainder of the the AM and through the afternoon. Notice the intensity picking up after 12PM and continuing through 5PM. Then tonight the precip comes to and end and we are going to get very cold.

NTX FutureCast AM

NTX futurecast 1

NTX FutureCast AM2

ntc futurecast 3

The ground temperatures have been really warm the past few days with our temps in the 70s & 80s but with temps dropping to the 20s there is the potential of roadways getting slick and tonight any wet surface most likely will freeze because look at the forecast lows.

NTX Futurecast Temps

So while we were nice and toasty yesterday, today it is a whole different story. We will update you throug the rest of the morning and the afternoon here and on @CBS11 @CBSDFW.

Stay warm and stay safe.



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